Kuwait asserts right of states to use of nuclear technology for peaceful means

First Secretary Mona Behbehani at the Third Preparatory Committee of NPT Review Conference.

Kuwait reiterated the right of all countries who signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) to develop, research, obtain, and use of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

This came in a speech delivered by First Secretary Mona Behbehani at the Third Preparatory Committee of NPT Review Conference, due in 2020.

The review is on the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and improving the effectiveness of the Treaty. Behbehani added Kuwait maintains that such right must be fully consistent with the legal obligations of countries and agreements concluded with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

In this regard, she praised IAEA’s role, noting on the importance of the Agency’s technical cooperation programs, which contribute to building national capacities of developing countries and guarantee the transfer of nuclear technology with peaceful uses to achieve their development goals.

Kuwait has long paid special attention to technical cooperation activities and has contributed to the Agency’s activities, the renewal of its laboratories and its peaceful uses initiative, Behbehani said, stressing on the importance of providing resources for the continuity of technical cooperation programs.

Behbehani noted that Kuwait has contributed USD 10 million to the efforts made by the newly opened low-enriched uranium bank in Kazakhstan out of its belief in the inherent right of states to peaceful use of atomic energy and access to the resources that enable it.Behbehani also stressed that no agreements should be used to restrict the right of States to the peaceful use of atomic energy.

However, Behbehani underlined the importance of subjecting all nuclear facilities in the Middle East to the Agency’s comprehensive safeguards system.

The diplomat also stressed the need for Israel to accede to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons as a non-nuclear-weapon State and to place all its nuclear facilities and installations under the Agency’s comprehensive safeguards system in order to strengthen international efforts to make the Middle East a nuclear-weapon-free zone.