Kuwait-based professional to compete in Mrs Universe Global Meet

    Neetu Singh, a 44 year old professional living in Kuwait, is eager to participate in the Mrs Universe Global Meet in China to be held from 22 December, 2019 to 1 January, 2020. She is married to Rajesh Kumar, an executive presently working in a Kuwait based company. They have two children, a 20-year-old daughter and a 15-year-old son.

    Neetu was recently crowned Mrs. Universe Arab Asia 2019, and received the three titles of Mrs India Universe Entrepreneur 2018, and Mrs. India Universe International style icon (2019).

    Neetu Singh is passionate about social work and dedicated to raising awareness on cancer as General Secretary of Life Again Foundation, Kuwait Chapter. Neetu spoke to The Times Kuwait in an exclusive interview about winning the coveted Mrs. Universe titles, and her future plans.

    Touching on her background, she reveals, “I was born into a very academic-oriented, and middle class family in Patna, India and was raised to know the utility of doing things in an efficient manner.”

    “Today, with the support and encouragement of my husband and children, I have taken steps to fulfill my dream and do my bit for society,” Mrs Singh said, “I have a clear vision in my mind to work for the people in need and to break all the stereotypes and obstacles to prove a woman can break the glass ceiling.”

    On her competing in various pageants, Mrs Singh expressed her belief that one should keep discovering new opportunities, recognize it on time and squeeze the most of it to add a value and a new meaning to one’s life. “Similarly I recognized the chance for the first time when I came across the Mrs. India Universe contest,” she added.

    “I grabbed it instantly to ensure that I acquired a platform to build my own individuality in an exceptional way. My family has been my constant source of motivation and has supported me wholeheartedly,” she noted with a hint of pride.

    She is quick to acknowledge that in today’s era, inner beauty is also an important factor along with pleasing physical attributes, she elaborated that a beauty contestant needed to work on her, “Confidence, body language, personality traits, intelligence and emotional quotients.”

    Talking about the significance of these pageant titles, she emphasized, “Different opportunities have come my way and I have managed to utilize them to my best interest. I have also been featured in the World Class Beauty Queen magazine of USA which definitely helped me gain more confidence and gave me a broad recognition on various platforms. In addition to this, I was recently awarded the Pataliputra Ratna Award 2019 for my achievements.”

    She considers winning the Mrs Universe titles a boost to her self-esteem, saying, “When you receive recognition and appreciation for you work, it motivates you to keep working hard with honesty. It feels great, and I vow to inspire others with my drive and passion.”

    Stating that winning helped her evolve and pushed her to become a better version of herself and establish her own identity, she underlined, “The best part of competing in pageants is that I have met some incredibly amazing women as participants who inspire me. It taught me to be hungry for your ambitions and to never stop chasing your dreams by being fearless.”

    Underscoring that the pageants demand hard work and sacrifices, she explained, “I had to learn to walk with confidence, to achieve the right shape and weight, fearlessly express my views, as well as to recognize my flaws to turn into my strengths.”

    Describing the magical moment of being featured in the World Class Beauty Queen magazine of USA, she remarked that it was a dream come true. “Hard work done honestly and in the right direction never goes in vain even if you do not get the desired result. It always opens doors of opportunities to illuminate your life,” She asserted self-assuredly.

    She proclaimed that the feeling for having been bestowed with the Patliputra Ratna Award was magnificent as her own city gave her the recognition and appreciation.

    Moreover, Mrs Singh stated that these pageant competitions have brought her enthusiastic engagements, good experiences, and has helped her grow, and learn new things.

    Looking to add another achievement to her list of accolades, Mrs. Singh is eager for the new challenges the Mrs Universe Global Meet will bring. She elaborated, “I am preparing by having a crystal clear vision and objective in my mind, and gathering my confidence to accomplish my desired goals. I think the only mantra is to intensely work hard, be honest and have a positive approach and build your own perspectives through your real time experiences.”

    Aside from competing for Mrs Universe titles, her hobbies are dancing and cooking, but she emphasized that since her childhood days, she was very much inclined towards social work.

    In order to realize her firm belief in charity and compassion, she is associated with an esteemed NGO, Life Again Foundation Kuwait chapter. Highlighting her dedication to this noble cause, she explained, “We assist the people affected by cancer and work towards spreading awareness of the disease. Cancer is a fatal disease with a high mortality rate in many countries. But we can mitigate the risks by generating awareness among people to recognize the initial symptoms of the disease and go for treatment at the earliest.”

    Christina Pinto
    Staff Writer