Kuwait Cultural Week to open in São Paulo

Preparations are underway by the Embassy of Kuwait in Brazil, in cooperation with the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, to launch Kuwait Cultural Week in the Brazilian city of São Paulo, on Thursday, 5 December.

The event-rich week will feature a photo exhibit, Arabic calligraphy, handicraft, a lecture on the teaching of Arabic, and music performances.

Kuwait maintains cultural agreements with 73 countries around the world, and most countries, including Chile and Venezuela in South America, have hosted similar cultural weeks in the past.

Kuwaiti photographer Hamed Al Umeiri, calligrapher Farid Al Ali, and Hussein Abdullah Mohammed, a delegate from Kuwait’s heritage and handicraft department, will present their crafts each morning during the Cultural Week at the Villa Lobos Park library.

A free lecture on the teaching of Arabic language in Brazil, delivered by a delegate from the Paraná Islamic Charity Center, will also be held at the same venue on 7 December.