Kuwait Italian Business Council to focus on boosting bilateral trade

A joint Kuwait Italian Business Council was launched with an inauguration ceremony at the Radisson Blu Hotel on 8 April, under the auspices of the Italian Embassy. The event was witnessed by the Italian Ambassador to Kuwait H.E. Giuseppe Scognamiglio, who was joined by the new council members, prospective clients and special invitees.

Ambassador Scognamiglio lauded the strength of economic relations between Italy and Kuwait and noted that in 2017, Italy was the number one trade partner of Kuwait among European Union countries. He added, “Though trade volume fell a bit in 2018, we are once again beginning to see strong growth in 2019, especially with many Italian companies that are now working in Kuwait.”

Pointing out the work of the embassy is to support Italian businesses in Kuwait, he said, “We take pride in our technology and want to reach out to the younger generations in Kuwait. We have organized several Italian expos that have displayed our products and showcased our technology. Though these expos, we have brought forth our culture and have enriched Kuwait with concerts and events. We are doing this to support Kuwait’s 2035 vision.”

The embassy’s General Director Raffaele Bertoni speaking on the occasion highlighted that the newly formed business council’s primary objective was to strengthen bilateral cooperation. He revealed that the “council is a private, nonprofit organization, and both Kuwaitis and Italians are part of this group. Kuwaitis who wish to invest in Italy and Italians who want to invest in Kuwait are all here with us. With the help of everyone, we can diversify and improve our relations further”.

“Since we are just starting up, we will first gather members and then proceed to talk about our vision and mission. We will discuss the agenda and timetable of the activities we want organized with the help of the Italian Embassy. All sectors of business will be represented in the council, including the energy, transportation, finance and infrastructure sectors,” he remarked.