Kuwait keen on spreading tolerance values, says official

Assistant Undersecretary of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information for the Foreign Media Sector, Faisal Al-Mutlaqem, stressed keenness of Kuwait to spread values of tolerance and renounce violence and hatred, in line with the political leadership’s directives.

This came in a statement by Al-Mutlaqem at the conclusion of the 93rd session of the permanent Arab media committee on Monday. Al-Mutlaqem noted that Kuwait’s media policy is to spread the distinguished culture of media, whether in via official or private sectors, and not to exaggerate in presenting the various issues in order to enrich the awareness of the public in Kuwait and the Arab world.

He pointed out that the committee members discussed a number of important items, foremost the Palestinian issue, and members showed keenness to highlight of of its aspects, especially with regard to Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque because of their status in the Arab and Islamic worlds.

Al-Mutlaqem stressed Kuwait’s keenness to coordinate with the members of the committee on various items to come up with appropriate recommendations to be ultimately presented to the Arab Information Ministers’ meeting next Wednesday