Kuwait – Let’s Choose To Be Active

    In a recent survey by the World Health Organization (WHO) on the active lifestyle of people around the world, Kuwait came in last, with over 67 percent of the population leading an inactive lifestyle.

    The question here is not why we were ranked last among the 168 nations surveyed, or if it was fair to rank us last. But the question we must ask ourselves is what we are going to do about it.

    Starting today, let us choose to lead a more active life.

    Kuwait may not be the best place to walk or ride a cycle on the roads due to the drastic weather and traffic conditions; those things are beyond our control. But there are many things under our control that allow us to remain more fit.

    Natasa Szoke, the club general manager at Fitness First, suggests to actively create a daily schedule that can help us be more active. “Even simple things such as cleaning or shopping can help and carrying out these activities in a set two-hour time frame can make us easily burn a few calories and let our body get the required amount of activity.”

    It is possible for anyone to live an active lifestyle. If you are worried about your age, then rest assure you must not fear as exercise can be done at any age. Provided you first understand your body and talk to a specialist to start.

    Armando Mansaku, fitness specialist at the Corniche Club says, “Even if you have never worked out in your life you can always start at any age. Start small with just 1-2 times of workout sessions per week and from there you can build the days and time. Simple exercises such as a skipping rope or walking 5-10 rounds around the house is a great start. It’s all about the mind-set to choose and take some time off your schedule to be active.”

    If you are considering starting exercising, take professional help and make sure that the classes and gyms you choose to join have trained and qualified professionals.

    Maria Krishtal, the cluster group exercise manager at Fitness First advises not to hold yourselves back from asking about the qualification of trainers at any club or class that you choose to join. “Make sure to choose to train with a trainer who you can trust. This especially is an important fact because today, not just in Kuwait but in many countries, we can see more and more people who have started to teach classes without proper qualifications.”

    Leading an active lifestyle is also about finding fun from these exercises and activities. If you choose to combine activities and exercises that are both good for your body and at the same time entertains your mind, then it is easier to stay more active.

    Armando Manasku suggests finding what you love and incorporating that in your exercise routine. “For example, if you love group classes, join a zumba or a martials arts class, but if you love training on your own while watching a movie, then put on a movie and get on the treadmill or the cycle.”

    On another note, although we can all start today to be more active, it is important for us to promote the habit of being active among the next generation. Promoting and creating an active lifestyle for them will help them enjoy a healthier life.

    It is always best to start being active at an early age in order to lead and inculcate the habit of a healthy lifestyle, says Maria Krishtal. “Schools must promote more physical activities for their students and parents who want their kids to be more active can always send them for additional classes, such as martial arts or sports and even summer camps that are organized by fitness clubs today.”

    It is never too late or difficult to start leading an active lifestyle. Let us start today.