Kuwait Minister Al-Aqeel affirms significance of ‘green, blue’ economies

The 46th Arab Labor Conference in Cairo.

Kuwait’s Minister of State for Economic Affairs Maryam Al-­Aqeel stressed the importance of thinking seriously about making the transition to the so­called “Green” and “Blue” economies and their various sectors.

Al­-Aqeel, also Chairperson of the Arab Labor Organization (ALO), made her remarks on Sunday at her opening speech at the 46th Arab Labor Conference in Cairo.

The event kicked off earlier with participation of representatives of the three main production parties in Arab states, including governments, employers, and workers.

Developing further “green” and “blue” occupations is essential for securing cleaner, safer, and eco­ friendlier future, she said, adding the green economy aims to reduce environmental risks and achieve sustainable development.

The blue economy is based on investing in water resources, establishing a “good” management for water resources, and protecting seas and oceans through applying of sustainability criteria, said Al­-Aqeel.

The green economy relies immensely on knowledge in environmental economics, in addition to addressing the interdependence and co­evolution of human economies and natural ecosystems, she added.

Meanwhile, the Kuwaiti minister said the annual Arab Labor Conference is an opportunity for the three production parties to meet and communicate again, adding the event provides them the opportunity to consult and discuss labor issues.

The event will discuss a number of key issues in the region such as solving the current high unemployment, reviewing modern modes of operation resulted from the recent rapid technological developments, known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, said Al­Aqeel.

The conference will also address requirements of meeting such advanced technological developments and the impact of doing so on Arab operation and labor markets, she said, adding the participants will also discuss sustainable development issues.

The Kuwaiti senior official mentioned her presidency of the 90th session of ALO’s Board of Directors, held in Cairo between March 2­3, expressing utmost gratitude and appreciation to Kuwaiti ex ­minister of state for economic affairs Hind Al­-Sabeeh for her significant efforts while chairing ALO’s 89th session.

ALO’s 90th session saw high coordination on a number of subjects and issues that will be included for discussion in the 46th edition, she noted, expressing hope the ongoing conference reaches the appropriate resolutions for those issues.

The organization has also discussed several other subjects during the March sessions such as implementing previous resolutions and reviewing ALO’s 2018 activities report, in addition to addressing a number of financial and technical issues, including regular committees reshuffle, added Al­-Aqeel.

ALO also reviewed a number of other technical reports regarding Palestine and the occupied lands, the committee on freedom of association, and a memorandum to ALO’s Director­ General on perceptions of holding the first meeting of Arab group at the forthcoming 108th Session of the International Labor Conference, slated for July in Geneva, she added.

The 46th conference’s agenda includes honoring a number of top Arab businesspersons for their seriousness, diligence, and persistence at work, in addition to their strategic insight and wise thinking, good behaviors and attitudes, said the Kuwaiti minister.

Furthermore, the event will also hold a special session to expose the negative actions of Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinian people and the right of the Palestinian people to have Jerusalem as their capital.