Kuwait Minister demands Al-Arabiya anchor rectify its error

Kuwait’s Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al-Jarallah on Sunday slammed Al-Arabiya anchor’s remark as a grave mistake that requires correction. “This a fatal mistake that requires intervention from our brothers in Al-Arabiya channel to redress it as Kuwait worked and will continue to work to heal the Gulf rift,” Al-Jarallah told reporters on sidelines of a function held by the French embassy in Kuwait to mark its national day.

He cautioned that this egregious error is not compatible with risks undermining credibility and professionalism of the prominent news channel Al-Arabiya. “I believe, this is not the reward that Kuwait should be granted for its efforts to achieve Gulf unity,” he lamented.

He pointed out that Kuwait will retain its efforts and calls for ending media campaigns and to make sure that such campaigns will not spoil brotherly relations among the GCC peoples. He emphasized making Kuwait a target for these campaigns “is wrong, unjustifiable and unacceptable.” Al-Jarallah said that the Ministry of Information has issued earlier today a statement about the incident and have contacted Al-Arabiya’s bureau in Kuwait and the channel officials.

In its statement, the ministry said the Kuwait refuses to get involved in matters that do not concern the country and deplored the remark as tantamount to a grave insult. Kuwait will always be committed to the unity of the Gulf region through its efforts to quell any internal discord, read the statement. It called for an end to malicious media campaigns that are detrimental to ties within the Gulf bloc. It noted that Kuwait has contacted Al-Arabiya television officials and will respond appropriately in order to sort out the issue.