Kuwait participates in World Summit on Information Society

Kuwait is participating in the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in line with the approach to swap experience with other nations on best avenues for coping with the dramatic communication and information technologies.

The summit, ongoing since its onset on April 8, is an opportunity to get acquainted with solutions for tackling issues related to cyber security, optimum benefits from internet services for government tasks, education and information as well as for the private sector, said Hassan AlMehaimeed, member of the Kuwaiti delegation, in remarks to KUNA.

Al-Mehaimeed has indicated that Kuwait is seeking to study closely other nations’ applications of the top-notch telecommunication technology, G5. Meanwhile, Farah Al-Humaidi, member of the Kuwaiti delegation, affirmed that the delegation is studying experience of the other countries in overhauling the communication and information sectors. The summit, co organized by 30 UN affiliated agencies, is a platform for the participants to examine latest and state of art technological and digital applications.