Kuwait pays attention to protect intellectual property- Official

Kuwait has been interested in keeping copyright of authors and intellectual property through enacting laws and legislations, Information Ministry’s Assistant Undersecretary for Planning and Knowledge development sector Khalid Al-Rashidi said on Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the third conference on intellectual crimes, Al-Rashidi said the Ministry has established a department to take care of authors, artists, musicians and others.

He expressed his readiness to listen to views of intellectuals, lawyers and specialists on intellectual crimes and infringement of authors’ copyrights as well as how to address and fight them.

Meanwhile, Shorian Al-Shorian, head of Kuwait Lawyers Association which organized the conference, stressed the importance of raising awareness on the negative impacts of intellectual crimes on both individuals and countries.

This affects countries’ economic production as well as efforts and opportunities of investors in these countries, he said. He noted that with advanced technological development in the world the issues of electronic piracy and violations of intellectual property on the Internet have been highlighted. He pointed to many laws enacted by Kuwait to protect intellectual products and copyright.