Kuwait pledges to continue humanitarian efforts worldwide

Deputy Chairman of Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) Anwar Al-Hasawi pledged Saturday to continue humanitarian efforts and respond to crises around the world.
Al-Hasawi made his remarks to KUNA on the sidelines of his participation at the meeting of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) for Asia-Pacific region, which concluded earlier.

KRCS is currently preparing to implement its food aid program for the holy month of Ramadan in over 10 world countries in cooperation with their national humanitarian bodies, he said. The food aid would be delivered to a number of Asian and African countries, including Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Mauritania, Yemen, and Palestine, he noted, adding the program also includes Syrian refugees in neighboring countries.

Furthermore, KRCS is also getting ready to implement a number of development projects in Africa such as extracting groundwater to make drinking water in Kenya, providing shelters for the homeless and empowering youngsters to pursue occupational crafts in Uganda, presenting logistic services in Niger through providing ambulances, and enhance a number of facilities at Diffa region, said Al-Hasawi.

Moreover, KRCS is also gearing up towards implementing its first-ever “The Pilgrims Project” for the Hajj season this year, he noted, adding it is a humanitarian initiative aimed at overcoming the financial burdens facing pilgrims, particularly from African nations, in cooperation with IFRC, he noted.