Kuwait renews its support for UN Secretary-General’s reform plans

Kuwaiti deputy Charge d'affaires to the United Nations, Counselor Bader Al-Munikh.

Kuwait has renewed its support for the Secretary-General’s reform of the Peace and Security pillar, including the “Action for Peace” initiative and its support for the Declaration of Joint Commitments adopted by the Council members with a strong expression of will to develop and build the capacity of peacekeepers.

This came in a speech delivered by Kuwaiti deputy Charge d’affaires to the United Nations, Counselor Bader Al-Munikh, at the Security Council session on capacity building to improve the safety and performance of UN peacekeepers.

Al-Munikh hailed Indonesia’s convening, among several countries, of the first tripartite partnership meeting, which is an important and necessary step towards enhancing consultation and coordination, stressing the priority of political solutions to peace operations, which requires qualified operations capable of supporting political tracks.

“The majority of peacekeepers operate in a difficult environment and sometimes contribute to averting war crimes according to the mandate of each mission and are at the forefront of civilian protection in some areas of conflict as well as facilitating and protecting humanitarian convoys,” he said.

He called for the involvement of troop-contributing countries as much as possible in the formulation of mandates that the forces of those countries will implement and defend to ensure greater coordination and consolidation of efforts.

“Therefore, we are required to formulate mandates that take into account the needs of host countries and their populations, the political processes to be supported, and the training, linguistic and logistical capabilities required of peacekeepers,” he said.