Kuwait renews support for relieving war-battered Syrians

Kuwait's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Mansour A. Al-Otaibi during the UNSG session.

Kuwait has renewed support for all relief and medical workers and personnel in Syria where the nation has been tormented with wide­scale violence amid uncertainty since 2011.

Kuwait’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Mansour A. Al­Otaibi expressed gratitude to states’ envoys who voted in favor of the UN Security Council (UNSC) Resolution 2449, which renewed mechanism of humanitarian aid deliveries in Syria.

The resolution, sponsored by Kuwait and Sweden, extended for one year the mandate specified in the Resolution 2165 for delivering the assistance to the Syrians ­­ across borders and internal demarcation lines.

Ambassador Al­Otaibi, who was speaking at late Thursday’s UNSG session, during which the voting was held, noted the endorsement of the resolution came after weeks of deliberations among the UNSG members and the Syrian crisis stakeholders.

Adopting the resolution is quite necessary to ensure arrival of the humanitarian supplies at locations of millions in need in Syria, said Ambassador Al­Otaibi, also noting that with this move, the international community re­asserted necessity of distributing the supplies rapidly and without any obstacles.

Al­Otaibi regretted that this year witnessed continuity of the strife in Syria, remaining a threat to regional and international peace and security, “amid the Security Council inability to resolve the crisis.”

Recent escalation of violence in Deir Ezzor, Idlib and Aleppo proved that security in the country remained fragile and might deteriorate further, particularly in Idlib, populated by three million people, warned the senior Kuwaiti envoy, who also noted in this respect necessity of maintaining the Turkish­Russian accord to avert a humanitarian catastrophe in Idlib.

Parties of the strife must honor their obligations toward international humanitarian rights’ laws and those who perpetrated serious breaches of the human rights laws must be brought to account, the Kuwaiti representative said.

Turning to the plight of the refugees and the displaced, he stated that their return to their homes must be voluntary, honorable and according to relevant international criteria. Urging the UNSG member states to act collectively, Ambassador Al­Otaibi has warned humanitarian conditions in Syrian will continue deteriorating unless a political settlement is reached in line with UNSG Resolution 2254 and the 2012 Geneva Declaration.

Source: KUNA