Kuwait to experience very hot weather over the weekend

An official at Kuwait Meteorological Center Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi revealed on Thursday that the country will experience stable but very hot  weather for the next 72 hours.

Winds will be northwesterly at light to moderate speed, sometimes-active causing dust to rise, especially across open areas, according to Al-Qarawi.

The country is affected by high temperatures which was recorded on Wednesday at Kuwait Airport, Al Jahra and Abdali at about 48 degrees Celsius, he added.

The maximum temperatures expected are between 46-48 degrees and the sea state is light to moderate with waves between 2-5 feet high, he said.

On Friday, the weather would be very hot with northwesterly light to moderate wind, activated in intervals with speeds reaching between 15-45 kmph, with an opportunity of dust especially in open areas..

As for Saturday temperatures may vary  between 45-47 degrees, while evening will be relatively hot with minimum temperature falling between 27-29 degrees. The sea state would be light to moderate with waves between 2-4 feet high.