Kuwait welcomes UNSC’s approval of resolution 2451 on Yemen

Mansour Al-Otaibi, Kuwait's Permenent representative to the UN

Kuwait Friday welcomed UN Security Council’s unanimous approval of resolution 2451, and thanked Britain, sponsor of resolution, for showing flexibility during negotiations over the draft text.

“Our vote in favor of the resolution today, although it was not addressing some concerns raised during negotiations, was due to our keenness to maintain unity of the Security Council over Yemen,” Mansour Al­Otaibi, Kuwait’s Permenent representative to the UN, told a UNSC session after adoption of resolution 2451.

Kuwait, he added, wanted to maintain this unity among the council members and to apply it on other files. Al­Otaibi said Kuwait’s support of the resolution was amidst “a genuine chance as well as a hope of a peaceful resolution of the crisis that devastated an Arab country with rich history and heritage, and is still threatening unity of Yemen, as well as regional security and stability.” Kuwait, he said, also supported the UN Secretary General and his envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths, who sponsored the agreement between the Yemeni parties in Sweden.

Al­Otaibi hoped the Yemeni parties would abide by the agreement to pave way for a second round of negotiations in order to reach a political solution based on the GCC initiative and its implementation mechanism, outcome of national dialogue and UNSC resolution 2216.

Al­Otaibi also welcomed UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ intention to hold an international donor conference, in Geneva on February 26, to support the 2019 humanitarian response plan. Kuwait, he added, was keen on participating in the conference to alleviate suffering of the Yemeni people.