Kuwaiti academic assures importance of quality education

Kuwaiti researcher in human development Dr. Ahmad Al-Kandari.

The Kuwaiti researcher in human development Dr. Ahmad AlKandari assured on Tuesday the importance of quality education in helping support social and economic programs as a foundation for civil society and key for achieving the UN sustainable development goals for 2030.

In statements to KUNA on the sidelines of his participation in the Aqdar World Summit currently hosted by Abu Dhabi under the slogan of “Nourishing minds, flourishing nations,” Al­Kandari stated that education is directly linked to the development as the human element is the core of the process. He stressed the need to upgrade the educational system to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge that qualify them to participate in the development process.

He called for educational strategies to be set and a systemic vision for the future of the academic process and the selection of professional capabilities to keep up­to­date the scientific and technological innovations to achieve the development aspirations of community.

During the meeting, Al­Kandari reviewed the educational goals as the second target of the Millennium Development Goals, particularly provision of world­class education similar to that of developed nations to eradicate illiteracy in reading and writing despite economic and social constraints.

Source: KUNA