Kuwaiti Constitution regulates PM’s specialties – Justice Minister

Minister of Justice, Awqaf, and Islamic Affairs Dr. Fahad Al-Efasi

Minister of Justice, Awqaf, and Islamic Affairs Dr. Fahad Al­Efasi announced on Tuesday that Kuwaiti Constitution regulates the post of the Prime Minister accurately in his specialties and responsibilities.

He added during a National Assembly ordinary session that there are articles in the Kuwaiti constitution, restricting responsibilities of the Prime Minister, solely, to the government’s public policy.

“It did not entail among the Prime Minister’s responsibilities holding a ministerial post as the rest of the ministers, and thus does not put the Prime Minister in charge of the executive work directly”, he said.

“The Prime Minister is not casted a no­confidence vote as a protection to his vital role that is considered a political stability factor as the explanatory memorandum of the constitution explained that the aim of such matter is ministerial stability and fulfilling achievements,” he added.

The constitutional court “indicated in various parts the role of the Prime Minister regarding the state’s public policy being in monitoring limited issues, and not all the executive matters”, he said. The latest decree issued by the constitutional court in October 2011 stressed on that fact, he added.

“This decree explained that each motion meant to be directed to the Prime Minister within his charges and within the public policy, as he represents the cabinet before the Parliament and talks on its behalf”, he said.

“In case the Prime Minister is grilled over any executive issue within every Ministry, thus he would be responsible of every executive activity in all of the cabinet’s ministries”, he affirmed.

“The political responsibility of the National Assembly is falling on the cabinet’s ministers individually”, adding, “There is many constitutional disadvantages in the Prime Minister’s grilling which led to it to the parliamentary legislative committee”, he said. Parliament’s Speaker Marzouq Ali Al­Ghanim suspended today’s session and postponed its activities to a meeting tomorrow.

Source: KUNA