Kuwaiti embassies in Beijing, Tokyo celebrate national days

Kuwait's embassy in Beijing held festival in commemoration of the national celebrations.

The Kuwaiti embassies in Beijing and Tokyo each held their respective functions celebrating the nation’s 58th National Day, 28th Liberation Anniversary, and 13th occasion of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah’s ascension to power.In China, Ambassador Sameeh Hayat hosted a reception were he delivered a speech commemorating the occasions.

In this speech, Ambassador Hayat affirmed that Kuwait invited all friends around the globe, including the Chinese, to join in celebration of the country’s national days.In recent times, Kuwait made a huge leap in the development field all due to the guidelines set by His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah, said Ambassador Hayat.

The diplomat commended the strategic relations between China and Kuwait, indicating that both countries were eager to pursue ventures to further fortify ties on all possible levels. Since establishing diplomatic relations in 1971, Kuwait and China have been seeking all means to boost ties, indicated Ambassador Hayat.He touched on the last visit by His Highness the Amir to China late last year, stressing that this visit set the foundations for new venues of cooperation.

He also noted that Kuwait was amongst the first nations to have signed a MoU connected with the 2013-launched Chinese Belt and Road Initiative, adding that Kuwait was eager to connect with the ambitious plan through finding common grounds in its own Kuwait Vision 2035 for development.

The Kuwaiti development plan focuses on turning the north and northeastern regions of the country — especially the future Al-Harir (Silk) City and Boubyan Island development project — into an international center for commerce and finance, revealed Ambassador Hayat who affirmed that China was heavily interested in Kuwait’s national plans for overall development.Recently, a high-level business delegation from China visited Kuwait to be acquainted with the country’s plan for development.

The embassy in Beijing held a sideline exhibition featuring Kuwaiti and Chinese companies. The exhibition also provided Kuwaiti cultural entertainment for visitors.Nearly 2,500 Arab and foreign diplomats as well as Chinese officials attended the celebrations in the embassy.

Meanwhile, the Kuwaiti Embassy in Tokyo held a large reception in commemoration of the national celebrations.Speaking to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) and Kuwait Television (KTV), bringing nearly 800 guests, Justice Minister Takashi Yamashita expressed his appreciation for Kuwait’s support in the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake-tsunami disaster that struck the northeastern region.

“Thanks to Kuwait’s donation, the quake-hit Sanriku Railway has rebuilt railroads and purchased new train cars, on which Kuwait’s national emblem is drawn.

That is one of the symbols of our friendship,” said the minister, noting that assistance from Kuwait has helped accelerate reconstruction of the disaster areas. While showing gratitude to Kuwaiti Ambassador to Japan Hasan Mohammad Zaman and his predecessor for their efforts in developing the relationship between Kuwait and Japan, Yamashita showed his determination to promote bilateral ties.

“As a politician, Justice Minister and Secretary General of the Japan-Kuwait Parliamentary Friendship League, I would like to play a role to strengthen friendship between the two countries,” he stressed. The embassy displayed Kuwaiti heritage and distributed the latest issue of Japan-Kuwait Society’s newsletter to guests on the occasion.

Source: KUNA