Kuwaiti MP urges youth, education development to keep up with global changes

Kuwaiti lawmaker Omar Al­Tabtabaie on Saturday called to evolve education and protect future generations in order to keep pace with rapid changes and developments around the world.

Al­Tabtabaie, a member of the Forum of Young Parliamentarians (FYP), made the statement during a speech at a session of FYP of Inter­Parliamentary Union (IPU) on taking measures for the next generations hosted by Azerbaijan, Al­Dustour news network reported.

As parliamentarians, we have some weapons to face rapid changes and developments in this world that include the sincere desire to protect the upcoming generations, he said. Lawmakers should follow up the government regarding making changes in the methods of teaching and developing education to deal with these changes, he noted.

The third weapon, as Al­Tabtabaie said, is to work seriously in order to resolve differences between countries. The Kuwaiti lawmaker expressed his pride for the participation of some women in the session in this international gathering.

The fifth FYP conference kicked off Friday and concludes on Sunday. It discusses the role of youth in preserving environment, consumption and production for the next generations, in addition to the development of education to be suitable for tomorrow.

Source: KUNA