Proposal submitted to ban PUBG video games – MPs file grilling motion against Minister of Information

Kuwaiti MPs Ryad Al­Adsani, Adel Al­Damkhi and Mohammad AlDallah on Tuesday presented a grilling motion to Acting National Assembly Speaker Isa AlKanderi against Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Mohammad AlJabri.

The motion involves allegations of law­breaking, abuse of power and irregularities.
Article 100 of the Kuwaiti Constitution grants MPs to file an interpellation motion against the Prime Minister and ministers regarding their ministerial affairs.

Acting National Assembly Speaker Isa Al-Kanderi said on Tuesday MPs will discuss the interpellation motion against Al-Jabri on April 30. He argued that any “clean-handed and self-confident” Cabinet minister should not fear interpellation, and should even take this opportunity to highlight his role in developing his ministry and combatting corruption.

MP Ahmed Al-Fadel has submitted a proposal to ban certain video games due to their negative impact on the mental health of users, especially children. According to studies which are accessible online; video games such as Fortnite, PUBG and the Blue Whale Challenge negatively affect the mental and social behaviors of young people.

These games encourage the youths to adopt aggressive and suicidal tendencies, he explained. He said the number of parents complaining about these types of video games has been increasing, particularly since these games are not subject to any regulation; hence, it is easy for children to acquire them. Since most of these games are multiplayer online shooters, children are vulnerable to radicalism by ill-intentioned individuals or groups targeting innocent minds.

Source: KUNA and Arab Times