Kuwait’s UN Ambassador lauds international community for assistance during Iraqi occupation

Kuwait Security Council meeting Children and armed conflict Report of the Secretary-General on Children and armed conflict (S/2019/509) Letter dated 30 July 2019 from the Permanent Representative of Poland to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General (S/2019/605)

Kuwait’s Permanent Representative at the United Nations Ambassador Mansour Al-Otaibi has reiterated Kuwait’s gratitude and appreciation for the international community’s efforts to liberate Kuwait from the Iraqi occupation which took place on the same day 29 years ago. “I would like to renew my thanks to all the countries which backed the right, justice and international legitimacy at this hall,” Al-Otaibi said at a UN Security Council session on the children and armed conflicts in New York on Friday.

He recalled with appreciation the UN Security Council’s adoption of resolution No. 660 on the same day of the Iraqi invasion which condemned the invasion and demanded Iraqis to withdraw immediately and unconditionally to positions as they were on 1 August 1990.

“Thanks to God and the UNSC’s commitment to enforcing its resolutions, at the forefront of which resolution No. 660 (of 1990), my country has been liberated,” he said. He noted that the imaged of the UNSC meeting to discuss liberation of Kuwait was engraved in hearts and minds of every Kuwaiti. “Many of Kuwait’s brave sons were killed during this invasion and many others were taken as prisoners of war or gone missing,” he regretted.

On the protection of children during armed conflicts, Al-Otiabi affirmed Kuwait’s support to all efforts aligned with the United Nations Charter to safeguard children’s rights, especially in armed conflicts. He pointed that the council has adopted several resolutions to guarantee the protection of children against grave violations and to guarantee their access to humanitarian assistance.

Citing violations against children in Syria, Yemen and the occupied Palestinian territories, the Kuwaiti envoy emphasized the importance of protecting children, with governments bearing primary responsibility in this regard. He also underlined the pivotal role of the UN, international and regional organizations in offering required protection to children across the world.