Lax Customs checks raises red flags

Only eight days after a cautious circular about parcels from six countries was issued, a seven kilos package containing Captagon pills was sent from one of the countries and it was passed through the Customs without being searched.

The incident prompted Customs officials to issue directives to tighten inspection of packages coming from Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, China, Iran and Thailand. According to the daily, the low level of inspection of the air cargo allowed the entry of banned goods into the country, which was later seized in cooperation with personnel from the General Department of Drugs Control, Research and Investigation.

The sources said the captagon shipment, which was seized, came packed inside candy boxes in the name of a company. The packets were tightly sealed and were not inspected.

On a related note, the Minister of Finance Dr. Nayef Al-Hajraf said he intended to take measures to confront the imbalances in the customs, and held a meeting with a number of senior Customs officers in this regard.

The minister’s moves come in light of what the daily had revealed last Sunday about security warnings concerning Customs laxity and the involvement of employees in a number of cases.

Source: Al-Qabas