Layer your minimalist jewelry

When it comes to styling your jewelry, it can be boring to pick the same pieces over and over to create your everyday look. Perhaps it’s time to customize your combinations by layering a few simple pieces together.

Minimalist jewelry is about unfussy designs, like clean lines, flat designs, geometric shapes, and understated details. From delicate necklaces to tiny ear studs, pairing different pieces can create a bolder and fresher look. Remember, it is about emphasizing the beauty of simple and basic shapes. Here are some tips to master layering your minimalist collection in no time.

Pick the right shapes: One of the main reasons why minimalist jewelry looks so good is because of the use of negative space. Negative space is about appreciating ‘what isn’t there’ over ‘what is there’. It creates a clean look by perfectly balancing the size of the bling with empty space in the design. The use of negative space is best reflected in geometric designs. Your best options are geometrical jewelry like triangular rings, pyramid rings and, delicate open bracelets.

Collect pretty rings: Simple gold bands with different textures can be stacked to create gorgeous customizable looks, which also works for midi rings in different styles. You can layer on as many as you’d like or only rock a few of your favorites every single day on different fingers. Try your hand at mixing in rose gold with silver, hammered metals with smooth metals, geometric shapes with hearts or waves.

Go all-out with the ear studs:  Layer up those studs and embrace an edgier look, without going over the top. One way to bring pieces together to make a statement is to follow a common theme.

Dainty necklaces: The best way to pair your minimalist necklaces is to experiment with contrasting lengths, shapes, textures, and colors. You can even choose different lengths of necklaces with different charms and play around with what feels right for you. Achieve the layered look without the fuss by purchasing a necklace with multiple chains. However, for some, it is best not to mix metals unless you know what you are doing. If you like your gold pieces, stick to the same color to create a more uniform look. Chokers can be layered too, no matter how high or low they sit.

Stick to a theme: Adopt jewelry pieces that stick to a common theme whether it’s for your ears, wrists or fingers.  

Combine bangles: Stacking bangles makes your look edgy and fun. You can even consider wearing more structural bangles on one arm as they add a textural element to your look.

Fun and feminine: Heart-shaped pendants, cute symbols and even jewelry with your own names can add a personal touch to your ensemble.

Mini stones: Embrace tiny gemstone jewelry to introduce specks of color to your accessory game.