Lexus NX features incredible new details

Lexus designers, engineers and master craftspeople have invested exceptional efforts in creating the Lexus NX, a signature Lexus crossover. Showcasing brave Lexus design, the NX certainly stands out. Here we focus on four stand-out features that exemplify Lexus’ intricate attention to details.

One of the most popular options for any vehicle is the sunroof, as it allows passengers to enjoy open-air driving without having to fuss with a moving top. In the NX, the sunroof opening is larger than any of its competitors, providing a motoring experience much closer to that of a genuine convertible without any sacrifice to structural integrity.

In conventional designs, the mechanism and latch that powers the roof occupy about 30 percent of the roof opening. However, by creating the world’s first Forward Transfer Latch that moves the moon roof forward when it tilts up (not back as in conventional systems), Lexus engineers have succeeded in maximizing the opening (30 percent larger than conventional designs) without the need for creating a larger hole in the roof.

Unless it’s raining, no one pays much attention to a vehicle’s windshield wipers, but at Lexus, no detail goes ignored when it comes to the pursuit of perfection. The NX features new windshield wipers that not only perform better in the rain, they improve the vehicle’s overall appearance and driving character.

In contrast to conventional wiper blades, which feature four support points, the NX wipers have a single support point that eliminates the need for support arms, which in turn lowers the height of the blade. This results in reduced wind noise when driving and a clean appearance from both inside and outside the vehicle when not in use. And, a new fin design reduces lift along the entire blade ensuring excellent wiping performance during high-speed driving.