License and privileges for foreign companies based on hiring nationals

The Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority (KDIPA), which is responsible for promoting, regulating and advocating foreign investments in Kuwait, has introduced a new mandate on foreign companies looking to invest in Kuwait that they should employ a minimum of 30 percent of the workforce from among Kuwaitis. The authority is also introducing a slab system in the privileges it offers investors, based on the percentage of nationals employed in the company.

Detailing the new system, the KDIPA Director Sheikh Meshaal Al-Jaber said that those companies hiring less than 30 percent national manpower will not be issued a license to operate in Kuwait. Companies that employ between 30 and 55 percent nationals will be eligible for a license; those having a workforce comprising 60 to 80 percent citizens will be provided with license plus one privilege, and those companies having 85 to 100 percent Kuwaiti workforce will be eligible for the full set of privileges.