Life-term for trafficking in humans

A Kuwaiti found guilty of human trafficking has been arrested and sent to the Central Prison to serve the life sentence imposed on him by the Criminal Court.

The man, a former director of a labor recruitment office in downtown Kuwait City, was found guilty of bringing into the country a large number of marginal workers under the sponsorship of his company. He was accused of charging each worker around KD1,500 for the work visa after promising them work in Kuwait. However, on arriving in Kuwait the workers found they had no work and were left to fend for themselves on the streets.

The expatriate workers then approached their respective embassies requesting help as they had no jobs and no income to survive. The embassies contacted the Ministry of Interior, which then traced the man and put him under surveillance to find irrefutable proof of his human trafficking activities.

Interestingly, the investigators examining the man’s social media accounts found evidence of his tweets and posts against the demographic imbalance in the country and blaming the authorities for being lenient and not doing enough to stop the flow of migrant workers to the country.