Logic Compact e-shisha enters the Kuwaiti market

JTI (Japan Tobacco International), a leading global company in the vaping market, has chosen Kuwait as the first country in the Middle East to sell Logic Compact, the latest addition in its award-winning portfolio of Reduced Risk Products (RRP).

Logic Compact successfully launched in a number of other markets including Italy, France, Romania, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, Russia and Canada earlier this year and in the UK in 2018.

Recent reports from government health groups in the UK have said that vaping products provide a potentially safer alternative than cigarettes. Using Logic Compact does not mean it is necessarily safer than smoking regular cigarettes, however, tests have shown that Logic Compact has a 95% reduction in the constituents recommended by WHO for a reduction in cigarette smoke.   

JTI engineered the new generation ‘closed tank’ e-shisha device in 2018 with a modern, design-conscious vaper in mind. The product is aimed at adult smokers who want to try an alternative product with potentially reduced risks.

Logic Compact is available in three colors (charcoal, blue and pink). The pre-filled e-liquid pods click into place to the device magnetically, as does the battery into the charger. Refills for the Logic Compact are available in three flavors – tobacco, mixed berries and caramel banana.

JTI’s Middle East General Manager Graham Gibbons said, “This is an exciting launch for JTI as there is huge growth potential for the vaping market in Kuwait. Our Reduced Risk Products category offers innovative solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers. For residents of Kuwait who are looking for an alternative to cigarettes, Logic Compact is a premium, stylish product that’s simple, convenient and easy to use.”

Logic Compact will be available from 21 April, 2019 from leading retailers across Kuwait.

  • Reduced-Risk Products (RRP) are those, JTI believes, that have the potential to reduce the risks associated with smoking.
  • Based on the comparison of 9 harmful constituents, recommended for reduction by the World Health Organization in cigarette smoke, measured in the smoke of a standard reference cigarette (3R4F) versus the vapor from Logic Compact. Use of this product does not mean it is necessarily safer than smoking regular cigarettes.