Lorenzo Cafe

Savor the best of Italian cuisine with a variety of options of pasta, salads and seafood. Find perfection in simplicity with their range of fresh salads including Melenzane Yoghurt Salad, Classic Caprese Salad or Mediterranean Salad.  Delight in their rich Fancy Rolls of Eggplant, with the eggplant cooked to perfection. Dive into the hearty flavors of Spaghetti Pomodoro E Basilica or the Gnocchi with Shrimp, the latter most tantalizing. Each dish is attractive, and flavorsome.

Their lively seafood section has enticing items like Grilled Hammour or Gamberoni E Patate, with emphasis on beautiful presentation. The From the Grill section boasts exuberance of rich tastes to be discovered in the Fillet Towers, Scaloppina Allo Zafferano or Piccata Al Limone. Their pizzas are fantastic, particularly their Atomica pizza.

End your meal with a drizzle of sweetness, like the Chocolate Killer Pie or Tiramisu Mascarpone.

Popular dish: Grilled Sole

Location: Located at The Avenues. Call: 2299 6420