Lulu Hypermarket launches Back to School promotion

Lulu Hypermarket, the leading hypermarket chain in the region, launched their Back to School promotion with a range of special offers on school-related stationery and accessories on 21 August at all Lulu outlets.

The promotion, slated to end on 10 September, offers students a wide range of amazing and enticing products to prepare them for their return to school.

One of the main attractions is a one-year warranty on all school bags purchased during the promotion period. Also, during the promotion is a special offer backed by Byju learning App that provides a coupon for every KD10 purchase that enlists them in a draw. Ten lucky winners picked through the draw will be presented with a slice from the overall grand prize of KD10000. Adding to the excitement of back to school time is special cool offers that cover diverse products, notably more than 50 percent discount on stationery and school products, including brand backpacks, lunch bags, school uniforms, shoes, and school trolley bags among others.

LuLu Hypermarket’s ‘Back to School’ promotion is part of the brand’s efforts to consistently meet consumer demands , while allowing them the opportunity to receive fabulous savings, and shop for quality products at affordable prices. The promotion also helps make shopping an exciting experience for families.