Luminiscence, the grand finale of Youth Leadership Program

The Indian Community School (ICSK) congratulated its first batch of 150 young smart leaders achieving excellence in the Youth Leadership Programme (YLP) of Toastmasters International on 4 December. The auditorium was filled with parents teachers and students.

The Grand Finale to recognise and appreciate the best leaders of YLP was conducted at the auditorium of  ICSK,Senior. The programme began with 3 different segments of competition levels – 1. Prepared speech contest  2. Table topics speech contest 3.. Evaluation speech contest. The Prepared speech contest had participants with varied  worldly topics like Challenges in life, Failures , Fears ,Ups and downs in life, and all sensitised with personal experiences.

Table topics segment was based on a topic given on the spot to test the skill of the contestants. The topic was selected from two topics enclosed in covers . The chosen topic – What Would I like to be if I were to become a super hero was disclosed to the contestant only on the spot when on stage. The other contestants were taken away to another room and thus were ignorant of the topic under discussion. Time allotted for the speech was two minutes . There were 12 contestants. It was a wonder and thrill to watch and listen to the new young vibrant speakers . The last segment was the Evaluation speech round . A target speaker was given a topic selected on the spot by a lot—Stairs or Elevators. All selected evaluators were asked to evaluate the speech of the one target speaker. Out of the 12 Evaluators , each evaluator was called to make the evaluation speech. Competitions were all among the 6 different groups trained under a mentor. The groups and mentors /toastmasters were –

  1. Motivators—DTM Gayathri Ravindran
  2. Articlators—DTM Alifiya Lakdawala
  3. Visionaries—DTM Mohamed Makhlouf
  4. Innovators—TM Tabassum Ali
  5. Pioneers—TM Balakrishnan
  6. Challengers—DTM Ola Rasheed

Finally,  the long–awaited certificate session began. All young leaders were awarded the Toastmaster certificates.  Ten toppers were selected from each group and medals were awarded.  The overall championship trophy was carried away by the Innovators group. The result was declared by the Chief Judge for the evening Alka Kumra.  Names of the toppers are as follows

In the Prepared Speech round the first prize was bagged by Andrea Anthony, second prize by Labiba Amir and third prize was scored by Danielle Hannah Monteiro.

In the Table Topic round, the first prize was achieved by Fatima Saeed, second prize was won by Nabaa Khan and the third prize was bagged by Tejus Prakash. The Evaluator winners were first place was bagged by Jesslyn Sara, second prize by Zoya Kelkar and third place by Navami Nair.

In the Best Toastmasters Group category the best group award was bagged by Innovators group and the runners up were the Visionaries group and the Best Toastmaster Group with overall performance rolling trophy for Luminiscence YLP 2019 was awarded to the Innovators group.