Mad Cow

This burger joint, which is all about burgers and seafood, offers a menu full of creative offerings. The sauce and the meat takes inspiration from various cuisines to create delicious selections such as the Royal Hamour, Mad Shrooms, Classy Chick Combo and Royal Hamour Combo. The Mad Shrooms Combo is considered a filling feast with its high quality beef mixed with mushrooms, pickles, and with the house-special sauce.

The Royal Hamour has a generous base of padded hamour meat layered with cheese, lettuce, pickles, along with a choice of their signature sauces.

The Mad But Classy Combo has waves of crispy Angus beef meshed with bacon along with a drizzling of their special signature sauce.

The seafood attractions include the Mayo Shrimp and C4 Shrimp that are each crispy and well seasoned.

Popular dish: Mad Shrooms

Location: Located at Kuwait City