Marsa Restaurant outlines traditional Iftar menu

Marsa Restaurant, winner of the world luxury restaurant awards, allows for a dining setting that combines modern ambiance infused with a traditional Kuwait atmosphere. It is also reflected in the décor and the delicious cuisine, and imitates the hospitality of authentic Kuwaiti homes with its values and traditions.

The menu serves up Arabic Coffee and dates, Ramadan Drinks, delicious soups, and entrees such as Hummus, Mutable, Taboula, fatoush, rocca Salad, kebbeh, sambusek, spring rolls,  and fries. The main dish options showcase your choice of Mixed Grill, Shish Kebab, Chicken Biryani, Chicken Majboos, Shish Tawook, Fish Sayadeiah, Shrimps Biryani, Morabian, and Shrimps Momawash topped with Saffron and Rose Mohalabiya. Price is KD7.5/10  per person. Located at Le Royal Hotel, call:22549017. Located at Avenues 4, call: 22201326