Maternity Hospital – next on list for ‘Kuwaiti only’ reservation

Outspoken lawmaker Safaa Al-Hashim continued her racially-tinted comments against expatriates by saying that many expatriate women come to Kuwait on visit visas “with a 10-meter belly just 10 days ahead of giving birth” to avail of the country’s maternity services.

The parliamentarian was responding to Health Minister Sheikh Dr. Basel Al-Sabah’s statement about overcrowding at maternity hospitals in Kuwait, and the need to raise maternity fees and birth charges at public hospitals. Blaming the congestion in Maternity Hospital on expatriate women, Al-Hashim added that “many expatriate women come to Kuwait just to deliver babies, as the fee for this service is only KD3 here.”

She called on the health minister to ensure that these women are not admitted at the Maternity Hospital and instead sent to Farwaniya and Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh Hospitals. The lawmaker also blamed expatriates for the poor state of most health facilities in the country and accused them of overwhelming medical services.

She urged the health minister to reserve the Amiri and Sabah Hospitals only for Kuwaitis, as was done with the Jaber Hospital in Surrah, which is designated a ‘Kuwaiti only’ hospital.

Luckily, the lawmaker did not call for the ‘Kuwaiti only’ facilities to be manned exclusively by Kuwaiti medical personnel.