Matte Makeup tips

Matte makeup comes out with no shine and is usually flat with color, with the payoff being more muted than its glossy counterparts. On a technical level, the formulas are made without sparkling ingredients like mica and silica, and are instead stocked with low-reflection additives like talc. Unlike the vintage variety, newer matte powders have smaller particle sizes, so the product lays cleaner and blends more seamless without looking dry or chalky.

Prep skin for matte makeup: Laying the right groundwork is almost as important as the application itself. Guarantee a flawless canvas by smoothing a hyaluronic acid serum onto your bare complexion, followed by a gel moisturizer and a sunscreen. Let the ingredients absorb for five minutes, then apply a lightweight, silky primer for grip using fingers in a sweeping out motion. This will ensure your matte look will last all day. Plus, it will help fill any lines or larger pores, so makeup sits on an even surface.

Choose the right base: The product can depend on your skin type, or it can depend on what your needs are, like how much time you have. It’s best for drier skin types to use cream or stick formulas as the emollient texture can ease discomfort associated with tightness and flaking. Oily skin types are best paired with loose or packed shine-absorbing matte powders. Normal skin? You can wear a liquid, stick, powder, faintly tinted or a hybrid cream-to-powder matte formula.

Use a foundation brush or sponge to bring the look to life. Just don’t dampen the sponge as it might sheer down the texture or make the foundation dewier.

The perfect matte makeup pairs

You do not have to be exclusive with mattes — on the contrary, mixing and matching textures can really help you achieve your best look.  Here is how to do it.

Matte + Cream

Keep your complexion matte and everything else nice and dewy. Go for liquid lips, creamy cheek color and even cream eyeshadow. Or, skip the eye makeup altogether and just use a multi-tasking cream stick on lips and cheeks.

Matte + Highlight

You can do matte skin with a glossier highlight. After applying the no-sheen foundation, strategically place luminizer on all prominent facial bones for a more structured look. Think brow bones, high cheekbones, along the jawline and down the front of the nose. You can even dab a bit into the Cupid’s bow for some lip definition. Use a stick brightener for easy touch-ups.

Or, try it the other way: dewy skin with a matte lip. Bring in a liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer and apply using your fingers or a foundation brush. To really up the ante, cocktail a tinted moisturizer with a liquid highlighter for elevated brightness.

Then choose a bold, matte version of liquid lipstick for your lips.

Matte + Cream + Gloss

Like the triple play of makeup textures, this look will incorporate them all. Keep skin and lips super matte, then use a cream cheek color on your apples — tapped on using your ring finger in fluid motions. Finish with a clear eye gloss on lids and extra mascara.