Maurya Kala Parisar invites entries for Ethnic Food Festival

Maurya Kala Parisar, Kuwait is back with the sixth edition of its immensely popular Ethnic Food Festival. The annual event is made up of competition of home cooked food from the region and food stalls where the audience can enjoy popular dishes from the region.

The event will be held on Friday, 19 April, 2019 at Junior Indian Community School, Salmiya, Block 10. The theme of this culinary endeavor has been expanded to cover the whole of India with food from across the country to be on display and appreciated.

The event provides an opportunity for participants to display their talents in cooking and presenting homemade delicious food from various parts of India. There are five types of food categories for which competitions will be held and will be judged by the prestigious guests. Each category will have amazing prizes. Every participant will be recognized, honored and certificate/gifts will be given.

The event will also include various types of fun activities to be conducted for visitors to enjoy their time and win fabulous prizes. In addition, there will be different types of stalls of delicious foods from various parts of India, as well as ones selling accessories, clothing, games and many more.

Also being held is a Drawing and Painting competition for kids in Senior, Junior and Sub-Junior categories. The best paintings in each category will be awarded. Theme for the Drawing and Painting competition: Food.

As part of the event, a Fashion Show and Parade competition for kids upto 14 years  of age will be held. Dress up your kids, the upcoming models and fashion icons, with a fancy dress and let them walk the ramp and win accolades from the audience. Best dressed kids will be appreciated with gifts and prizes.

Visitors can also participate in the photography contest, which is where on the spot photography entries will be judged on the theme: 6th Ethnic Food Festival 2019. Best photographs clicked will be awarded.

Entries for the food competition is open to members from the Indian community in Kuwait including members and non-members both. As the previous years, the event this year is also without any Entry Fee. Categories of Food and basic rules of the competition are as:

  1. Food Categories:

Category 1: Vegetarian (food from any state of India)

Category 2: Non-Vegetarian (food from any state of India)

Category 3: Street Food (food from any state of India)

Category 4: Dessert (food from any state of India)

Category 5: Ethnic food from Bihar & Jharkhand [for MKP members]

  1. Maximum number of entries allowed from any non-MKP member participant will be  two (2).
  2. Category 5 ‘Ethnic Food From Bihar & Jharkhand’ is only for MKP Members.
  3. Participants will bring a prepared dish for competition. It is not on the spot cooking event.
  4. Judges decision and scores will be final. No objection will be entertained.
  5. There is no entry fee. Food brought by the participants as entries are their contribution to the event. Quantity should be adequate for three portions for tasting and for display.
  6. Basic food ingredients and recipe shall be disclosed by the participants.
  7. Criteria for evaluation: Taste/Presentation/Ethnicity with respect to the region.
  8. There will be 3 prizes in each category.

Entries should be submitted/ reconfirmed before 11 April 2019 by Email (Subject line ‘Entry Food Festival 2019‘) to the following information must be provided:

  • Participants Name:
  • Food category:
  • Name of the dish:
  • Contact details (Mandatory): Mobile No.:                                 Email:

Confirmation: “I confirm the dish for the competition shall be prepared by me”.

Maurya Kala Parisar registered with Embassy of India in Kuwait, is a cultural and social association of people in Kuwait associated with the Indian states of Bihar and Jharkhand. It is dedicated to promote arts, culture and heritage of the region through events and activities of interest to Indian Community in Kuwait.

The association encourages all food enthusiasts from the Indian Community to participate in this unique mouthwatering festival in large numbers.

For queries or clarification please contact Bushra Afroz (97235707), Uday Prakash (65705480) Nivedita (50103983), Nitin (96661632), Manoj Mishra (65032221), Sana (50544539 WhatsApp),

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