Meteorology department warns of imminent strong winds

Temperatures that had been subdued over the past two days hovering at 45 degrees C because of the northerly winds that caused rising dust particles and are set to rise again to around 50 degrees C in the coming days, according to sources at the meteorological department.

“The weather may change at any moment due to factors such as winds or a drop in pressure that could contribute to higher temperatures in the coming days, which could last for the next two weeks, said meteorologist and astronomer Adel Al-Sa’adoun, adding that humidity will probably begin to set in at the beginning of August.

Meanwhile, the Meteorology Department has warned of increased northwesterly winds in the coming hours, which will continue until 5pm, and may exceed 55 km/h, and which could reach around 60 km/h in the coming days. The strong winds could lead to rising dust over open areas and waves swelling to heights of two meters.