Microscope kit brings 1,000x magnification to smartphones

People who generally use their smartphone cameras to click selfies or an occasional photo of their pet cats and dogs, may not be aware that their smartphone cameras can also double up as a powerful microscope.

DIPLE (pronounced ‘dipple’) a smartphone accessory kit that is now being presented on Kickstarter, allows you to examine objects with upto 1,000 times magnification, allowing you to examine microorganisms, bacteria, and even your own blood cells.The team behind DIPLE previously made BLIPS, a series of lightweight stick-on smartphone lenses that were fun, but not very good at getting clear images.

DIPLE aims to change all that by offering a static, back-lit setup for more stable microscopy. It trades portability for consistent results and higher levels of magnification. DIPLE also makes it much easier to prepare slides for scientific studies. The small kit, roughly the size of a smartphone box, offers three levels of magnification (35x, 75x, and 150x), which can be increased using the zoom function on your phone.

The makers of DIPLE, SmartMicroOptics, says users will be able to achieve up to 1,000x magnification “before getting any pixelation,” though that will depend in part on the capacity of smartphones being used. You can check out some of the DIPLE sample images on SmartMicroOptics’ Instagram page. Early bird prices for DIPLE start at $40 for just the 35x zoom, and they go up to $120 for all three zooms and a special stage for the highest-quality results.