Minister reveals Kuwait targeting domestic labor recruitment from several markets

Kuwait’s policy in this phase seeks to open room to recruit domestic workers from several markets, rather than one or two countries only, Minister of Finance and Acting Minister of State for Economic Affairs Maryam Al-Aqeel said on Wednesday.

Al-Aqil’s statement came as a comment on the latest news regarding the decision by the Philippines’ government to suspend sending its workers to the region. Kuwait’s Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) is coordinating with some certain bodies to facilitate the recruitment of domestic workers from several countries to avoid the possibility of any shortage of this kind of workers in Kuwait, she noted.

The number of domestic male and female workers in the country is estimated at about 730,000, she said, pointing out that there are very few complaints regarding this category compared with its large numbers.

The minister stated that most of the complaints pertinent to these workers are resolved cordially, revealing that 2805 grievances were registered last year. She said only 704 complaints of the whole numbers were referred to judiciary, stressing Kuwait’s keenness on maintaining and protecting the rights of domestic workers in the country. The PAM is taking measures to diversify the markets regarding domestic workers to achieve many goals, she said. Among these goals are controlling prices of recruitment and promoting competition, she made clear.