Ministry of Communications warns erring subscribers to pay dues

The Ministry of Communications has appealed to landline subscribers to pay their bills for their telephone service, and warned that the automated service cutting will be implemented for June according to the same standard procedures. The ministry will send the first warning message on Sunday, 16 June, and the second one to the telephone numbers with no payments on the next Sunday, 23 June.

The Ministry stressed that after the broadcast of the second warning message, the following Sunday, 30 June is when the phone lines of owners who defaulted on their payments will be cut. It added that that maximum limit after which the service would be cut is KD50 for house landlines and KD100 for commercial ones. The Ministry added that the phone lines of people who have agreed to settle their amounts due will be interrupted directly, and the telephone service will be cut for those who are late in paying their annual subscriptions for a period of 6 months and more, especially for the commercial and residential categories of expats and citizens.

The Ministry praised the cooperation of the subscribers during the past month and urged them to pay their bills to ensure the continuation of their telephone services properly, and to avoid the inclusion of their numbers into the automated service cutting program.

Subscribers can pay their bills online at and the e-government gate at and that they could also inquire about their bills by calling 123.