Mistakes while cleansing

Fresh and lovely woman washing her face

Most women just go through the motions. Splash some water on your face, maybe a pea-sized amount of cleanser, more water, and finished. However, you could probably be better. Here are some mistakes you are making.

The water is too hot or too cold: The biggest secret to actually effective face washing is something that costs nothing: steam. Get the water warm-to-hot, but not too hot or you’ll dry out your skin. Use your favorite cleanser to wash, and then use a washcloth to take the cleanser off, allowing a moment for it to sit on your face or problem areas. Your pores will feel like they’ve opened up so much. Finish with a splash of cold water and that will calm everything back down, make your skin feel taut and smooth.

Quickie cleansing: Double the cleanse, double the fun. If you’re taking off a lot of makeup, which you have every right to wear and happens to be a trend right now, you probably need to double cleanse. No more quickie single cleanse at the end of the day because you don’t have the energy. Turning the face washing routine into a 2-method deal, will also get rid of bad acne. Wash with a gentle daily cleanser first, then a stronger one second (an acne wash if you need it).

Using too many products: It is best if you don’t use too many products at once, which can wear down the skin’s barrier function and cause a ton of surface dryness. You also don’t need to exfoliate every day and perform so many acts of skin cell turnover at one time. Scale back, and pepper different products throughout the week or month so you don’t accidentally wake up one morning with worn skin.

Exfoliating with pebbles in it: Don’t use any exfoliation with nuts in it. Particularly avoid any kind of nut scrub, because the particle is sharp, and all it does is irritate and tear skin. Whatever bead you’re using, make sure it’s round, small, and gritty.

Using medicated cleanser everywhere: This is mostly an acne issue. If you have zits on your chin and forehead, and you use a medicated acne cleanser all over, you’re annihilating everything. Only use the acne wash where it’s needed, and make sure to keep the rest of the face hydrated with a less intense cleanser.

Using a pea-sized amount: Once you start using a little more, your face feels cleaner and there will be less residual makeup on your towel. You should use more of a nickel-sized amount depending on how concentrated the product is. Whereas a drugstore product, or something that feels watery might require more of a quarter-sized amount.