MoI to reduce official conferences organized in country and abroad

In line with directives from the Finance Ministry and other monitoring agencies to reduce expenses, the Ministry of Information (MoI) is taking certain administrative and financial procedures to trim the number of official conferences and other promotional activities held in the country or abroad.

Accordingly, the ministry has rejected calls made from various quarters within the ministry to rephrase the official mission clause and continue with the existing setup. A ministry source said that in future missions abroad will be limited to international conferences and which highlight the role of Kuwait in various vital issues regionally and internationally.

Participation in official missions and conferences should also be at the level of ministers, undersecretaries, assistant undersecretaries and a limited number of officials in the ministry. The source added the existing mechanism grants some directors the right to official missions in a very limited manner and for specific activities.

The new decision was in line with directives from the Civil Service Commission and other monitoring agencies to protect public funds, said the source.