Morphine behind most overdose deaths

Statistics from medical and security sources reveal that the most number of deaths attributed to drug overdose came from the use of morphine.

Nearly 30 citizens were reported to have been killed from morphine overdose since the beginning of 2019. Other statistics on drug overdose during the same period reveal that abusing benzodiazepine sedatives was the next leading cause of death, with amphetamines coming in third, methamphetamines fourth and hashish fifth.

Statistics also showed that overdoses had killed 75 citizens and expats of various nationalities since the beginning of 2019. According to statistics, the ages of most victims varied between 23 and 35, followed by the age category of 36-50, then the age-group of 18-22 and finally those aged between 51-60. Males accounted for the vast majority of the overdose deaths.