MP seeks to stop hiring of expatriates in public sector

The fourth session of the 15th legislative term got off to a good start with expectations of continued bashing of expatriates in the days ahead. Hitting the first volley against expatriates, MP Khaleel Al-Saleh said that the hiring of expatriates in the public sector should cease immediately, as it comes at the expense of jobs for citizens.

He added that a submission would be made to the National Assembly to reform the parliamentary human resources development committee, in order to effectively address the replacement policy and solve the issue of unemployed citizens.

Elaborating on his plan, the lawmaker said the newly formed committee would move things forward at an accelerated pace. He said that if the parliament gives the go ahead, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) would be called upon to urgently resolve the unemployment issue, by first providing the full statistics on the number of unemployed citizens and their relevant qualifications. The CSC would also be asked to provide a list of expatriates currently employed in various government entities and find ways to replace the expatriates with Kuwaitis.