MP Tabtabai notes Minister Ramadan failed to address 2018 rain-damaged roads

Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Housing Dr. Jenan Ramadan failed to address the problem of roads damaged by thundershowers late 2018, said Kuwaiti MP Omar Al-Tabtabai on Tuesday. This statement came in the initial discussions of the grilling motions against cabinet ministers including Dr. Ramadan.

MP Al-Tabtabai said that the Ministry of Public Works’ 2019-20 plan included major projects aimed at transforming the country into a global financial center; however, such strategy will not come into fruition with the failure of the ministry to address obstacles and problems facing basic infrastructures like roads.

The Ministry failed to disclose the dates of commencement of major projects and provide an estimate of when said projects will finish, indicated the legislator, noting that Kuwait was placed fifth GCC-wise in executing development projects. He questioned when Minister Ramadan would provide its annual plan for the projects, revealing that the current fiscal year has five years remaining.

MP Al-Tabtabai also mentioned that he was baffled with the minister’s decision to issue a decision within the ministry that would essentially change the asphalt materials used in various projects in the country, deeming this step as suspicious and beneficial for certain contractors.