MPW office without Internet for 15 months

The Center for Quality Control and Inspection at the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) has been without Internet service for the past 15 months because of a lack of coordination between the MPW and the Ministry of Finance .

Ever since the Center moved to its new premises in Sabhan area from the old building in Kaifan in September 2018, employees have been relying on their personal mobiles and routers to gain access to the Internet and perform official duties.

Though the cost for the establishment and operation of the new building in Sabhan cost the MPW more than KD13 million, no provision had been made for internet connections. It is understood that attempts to gain connection for the Center have been initiated by the MPW head office in South Surra, but nothing has materialized so far, as a new budget has to be sanctioned for this purpose.

However, the Ministry of Finance is reluctant to approve any new budgets, as it will add to the burden of public debt, and is said to have denied requests from several ministries for additional budgetary allotments.

Meanwhile, there have been reports that the amount spent on advertisements by different government entities exceeded KD450 million in just the first eight months of the year, and KD3.3 billion was spent in doling out grants.