Munch restaurant

Presenting an uncomplicated, bold and inviting cuisine, the Munch Restaurant is an elegant, modern restaurant with a menu rich in a variety of pizzas, burgers and salads.

Opt for pleasant burgers and sandwiches such as the Caccio Pepe Sandwich, specialty Munch Burger and Pesto Grilled Chicken Sandwich. The Wagyu Burger Special is a particular highlight as it is grilled to your liking and doused in the secret sauces on a potato bun.

There were several pizza options that are a must-try, including Pepperoni, Mushroom Heaven, and the Chunky Vegetarian and Margherita pizzas,   The latter is pesto based and topped with farm fresh vegetables, and will be appealing to all, especially vegetarians.

For dessert, bite into the softest and tastiest pies and cakes,with the Lotus Cheese Cake, the Pecan Pie, or savor a Salted Caramel Cookie.

Popular dish: Wagyu Burger Specia

Location: Located Vibes Complex, Abu Al Hassaniya‏. Call: 67662927