Presenting delightful Holly Molly Egg & Cheese or a twist on the classic Frittata, as well as more regional fare such as the Cilbir (Chulburr) Turkish eggs, the breakfast options at Napket are truly amazing. For a quick bite, try out their Burger Trio, a signature Napket slider, or the delicious Chicken Skewers. Healthy options from the fresh salads include the Femme Fatale, Tabouleh Spectacle or Salad Trio. The main menu is where the restaurant comes into its own with signature dishes such as the Shrimp Medley, Chicken Stroganoff and Stunning Salmon providing, more than a meal, a relishing experience. Round out your meal with the tasty desserts such as Pumpkin Pecan Pie or the Dulce De Salted Caramel.

Popular dish: Chicken Stroganoff

Location: Located at Al Sanabil Tower, Kuwait City. Call: 2292 3755