Nazaha eyes timetable for execution of new controls for government employment

In a move that could be a radical turning point in securing the acquired right of graduates and those with specializations, including holders on intermediate school graduates and lower to get government jobs, the Public Authority for Combating Corruption (Nazaha) is going to set a timetable specifying the steps and procedures for the implementation of new controls for government employment, including conducting tests to ensure the appointment of the appropriate candidate, reports Al-Anba quoting sources close to the issue.

The sources told the daily there are many priorities in the strategy of the authority, including the introduction of these tests within the recruitment procedures to ensure that a suitable candidate is appointed.

“A comprehensive review of all procedures and processes of the central recruitment system will be carried out,” the sources said. “The regulations aim at ensuring objectivity and transparency in the recruitment and promotion on the basis of efficiency and functional performance, including clarification of job titles, job descriptions and competency assessment.

Meanwhile, the Council of Ministers issued a statement to the authority at its meeting last Monday asking the authority to coordinate with the concerned authorities, to schedule the implementation of all priorities to complete the implementation of the national strategy to fight corruption, which extends to 5 years, and to provide the Supreme Council for Planning and Development periodic report including what has been done in this regard.


In another development, Deputy Director-General of the Public Authority for Manpower, and Planning and Administrative Development, Dr. Mubarak Al-Azmi, said “the authority deals with the technical aspect by linking with the concerned authorities and avoiding the paper transactions to prevent forgery,” reports Al-Rai daily. He said that the authority believes in electronic linking because electronic transactions are less likely to be forged than paper transactions.”

Al-Azmi added: “The authority is in constant coordination with the Kuwaiti Society of Engineers regarding the procedures and carries out necessary tests since the issue of forgery of certificates and diplomas surfaced in the near past. He also said, “There is continuous contact with the Society of Engineers and legal action is being taken against the forgers.