Netherlands congratulates Kuwait on occasion of the National Day & Liberation Day

Congrats! Every country is celebrating a national day and does this in its own manner. Some are organizing religious events, others military parades or solemn gatherings memorizing a glorious past. Different from that, both Kuwait and Holland are taking national days rather light, with activities especially for the younger generation. In Holland we all hang out our flags, we organize pop festivals for the youngsters and the kids take joy in selling their old toys on the pavement.

After three years in Kuwait, I see every year more abundantly show of flags and lights on the Kuwaiti houses, and I see the new generation of Kuwaitis having fun with their water pistols. Maybe sometime annoying, but let them enjoy: we all were young! Of course, we should for very good reasons congratulate Kuwait for being a country of freedom and tolerance, a beacon in the region. Furthermore, as an ambassador of the Netherlands, I like to underline how grateful I am for the excellent relations between our two peace-loving countries.

Both our countries are blessed with wise leadership: we in Holland by King Willem Alexander and my Kuwaiti friends by His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad. I wish all people in Kuwait, citizens as well as residents, splendid national day celebrations