New mechanism for evaluation of public sector employees enforced

Civil Service Commission (CSC) affirmed that the new mechanism of evaluation is being implemented by official bodies as stipulated in the rules, procedures and dates for evaluating employee performance and grievances.

The daily quoting reliable sources pointed out that CSC does not in any way interfere in the process of assessing public sector employees- neither in the 70 percent score for efficiency, individual and collective performance, and personal abilities nor 30 percent score for commitment to attendance and departure time.

They noted the administrative sector in each area is responsible for setting up, auditing and approving evaluation report, adding the responsibility of CSC is to supervise and clarify any item or point related to the decision in its capacity as a supervisory body and not an executive. “Therefore, it does not interfere in the attendance of each employee. Neither does it have the right to object to the evaluation report by the relevant body. Rather, it receives and examines complaints”, the source explained.

They pointed out that no mechanism or penalty is in place against those who delay implementation of the new evaluation system, and there is fl exibility in the implementation of mechanism.

– Al-Jarida